The first article, first set up a flag. I hope that i can finish writing about 20 articles about video products. This year, and get some ideas for content output from this. While accumulating, i will hone my methodology and product values Spain Phone Number .. And start some possible side jobs. , whil Spain Phone Number  insisting on controlling consumption desires and saving money quickly. Well, let’s talk nonsense first, let’s start with a topic that needs to be summarized. That is, the product architecture of classic video websites. Reminder: it takes at least 10 minutes to read this article 1. Product architecture product architecture is the logical sorting of product data flow on the. Basis of fully understanding the needs of product users. In short, the product architecture is. Functional sorting + strategy integration. Sterling silver once said that there are very few.

Some Ideas for Content Spain Phone Number

Pms who really have product architecture capabilities, so this. Article mainly describes Spain Phone Number the product architecture of classic video websites. Then there are many necessary processes in the product architecture sorting. The whole process includes downloading, functional experience, business process sorting, and product Spain Phone Number  process sorting in. A broad sense to complete the overall product structure sorting. Second, the product structure Spain Phone Number of the video. Website when learning about a product, especially a huge product such as netflix, hulu. Amazon prime video, linetv, bilibili, iqiyi, tencent video. And youku, which brings together powerful. Content and multi-directional business flows, i hope to study

Then There Are Many Spain Phone Number

Spain Phone Number List
Spain Phone Number List

The structure clearly. The following 7 steps are required: first, understand the basic process of the entire business flow, that is, the mvp model. That the entire Spain Phone Numbers business can basically flow; secondly, complete the overall product process. According to the basic business process; the third is to complete the first version of the mvp product Spain Phone Numbers architecture. Diagram according to the product process; fourth, add other business business processes into the. Business process; the fifth supplementary remaining. Product flow chart; finally, the product. Functions required by the remaining business are supplemented into the overall product architecture diagram. The overall product structure can be sorted out. Special situation: in large companies, in. Order to improve the overall efficiency, in the middle-to-tai strategy,


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