As the end of the year approaches, forecasts increase about what we will find in the next year. Almost as traditional as the summaries of what the outgoing year left us, are the forecasts of what the next will bring. Thus, we already know what you expect in mobile marketing , what they anticipate in their budgets ( which will grow ) or that customer service and experience will focus on what companies want to improve in 2015 . But they will not be your only goals. The main thing is to change what has been done so far or adapt it to the new times. As much as what has been done seems like the sure formula for success, the truth is that nothing is eternal and much more in the changing world of the internet. Replicating the 2014 marketing formula and budget for the 2015 digital marketing strategy is not the right thing to do, since the network has been imposing different changes. So what do companies have to do to adapt to the new needs of the immediate future? Forbes magazine has made a kind of logbook of what to expect from digital marketing in 2015 and what companies should do to meet those needs.

The content will be very important According to Forbes , in fact, content will be “more important than ever.” The reasons are varied although one is almost as old as the web. One of the main concerns of brands is to position themselves in the best possible way in search results. Google is one of the main concerns of those responsible for the image of the brands and, to convince the search engine and get the best organic results, the content is absolutely essential. The latest changes to Google’s algorithm benefit those who invest in content and those who publish quality content. But content not only serves to seduce Google, it is also essential to seduce  Iran WhatsApp Number List  consumers. Users are now looking for a different experience in relation to the brand and companies have to give them something else. Quality content, information, are essential to become an authority in your field. Channels will be more connected Marketing issues will not be in watertight compartments: the communications that a company makes end up jumping from the different media in which it makes them. Today’s world is more interconnected than ever and things are more related than ever. But it will not only happen with advertising or communication efforts, it will also happen more generally with the business world. The content or social media departments will have a more transversal relationship with the rest of the company.

In 2015, companies will realize the situation and begin to take it into account when making their strategic decisions. The signings, decisions and plans will be made taking into account this entire interrelated universe. The mobile will be the king The importance of mobile devices is growing and they tend to appear in all future forecasts in recent months, be it Christmas shopping or issues that will change how things work in 2015. The importance of mobile in 2015 will be indisputable and also it will be much more controlled than it was in the past. One of the great trends for next year is the consolidation of mobile traffic analysis tools, which will give more security to investments and will allow better tracking of efforts in these media. Likewise, the boom in cross-device strategies (which will follow consumers on different media and will make advertising interrelated) and the boom in wearables will give even more power to mobile phones. Data will matter much more We always talk about big data and how it can change what companies know about their consumers and how they approach them, but the truth is that there is still a long way to go in this area. In 2015, the importance of data will be even greater than it is today. Advertising messages will be much more supported by data and will also be based on much more information and therefore be much more segmented. Some of the ideas that experts believe will permeate advertisers will be proximity messages, which will be based, for example, on the increase in mobile payments to find out what and where consumers buy. But not only will consumer marketing be much more specialized thanks to data,

B2B marketing will also focus on that information to decide what to offer consumers. Laggards will embrace digital marketing too The Internet has created new speeds in business, although in general we can distinguish between those who have adopted the Internet and those who have not and therefore are lagging a bit behind. In 2015, these companies that were lagging behind in the fight to adapt to the new times will be able to take a leap forward. Digital marketing will be accepted by those who are still reluctant (they will really have the tests in hand) and companies will assume that social media or web presence is not a fad of modernity but a fundamental part of any marketing strategy. Google+ is going to die (maybe) Is Google + the days numbered? Google’s social network has not been the Facebook killer that the giant could have expected and if many websites and many publishers are on the social network, it is because Google takes it (or had it) into account when organizing search results . In recent months, however, the company has been recognizing the failure and eliminating some of the functionalities that marked the importance it gave to Google +, such as Google Authorship . One of the experts that Forbes has spoken with points out that there is a “50% chance” that next year Google will permanently eliminate the social network. Therefore, Google + should not take the best efforts in any digital marketing campaign.

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