Master in Strategy and Creative Brand Management – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. ACL DirectPromo · We know about Relationship Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Hyper segmentation based on the analysis of all types of data, the creation of quality content, the predominance of video and the challenge of connecting with wearables will be the challenges of 2015. The boom last year of smartphones and, in general, of all kinds of connected devices, will make 2015 a natural source of data collection and a working tool for the marketing departments of companies . Added to this will be the emergence of wearables and the need to connect with them, as well as the need to generate quality content in all kinds of formats. According to the Spanish digital marketing agency Bluecell, the trends that will mark the destiny of the market this year 2015 will be: Marketing Data : Never before has so much data been available, therefore the analysis of all this information becomes one of the most important aspects of current marketing. Already last year, spending on the analysis of these data increased by 60%. All this huge amount of data available to analyze and manage will make microtargeting one of the most important strategies to be developed in 2015 as a tool to  Belgium WhatsApp number list   understand the needs, lifestyles and motivations of buyers. This advanced segmentation of the market at the individual level will allow us to draw up more successful strategies by giving us the answers to the most basic questions in the market such as who is interested in our product, where are my potential customers and how can I convince them. Content Marketing: Currently a quarter of the marketing budget is spent on content development. It is something key to managing social networks, especially now with so many changes in the Google or Facebook algorithms, where organically the content is printed less times among our followers. This will force companies to create quality content, more relevant and interesting, that creates more interactions and is shared. The better the content, the more leads you will get. Video boom: In 2015, video will become a key factor in marketing strategies. 65% of the audience visits a page after watching a video, which makes it one of the most effective means of creating traffic in online stores or on websites and that must be able to be reproduced and viewed in all kinds of devices. Interconnected devices : Mobile phones and tablets have become the favorite devices when searching and shopping on the web. Strategies must consider m-commerce as the main sales channel during 2015. In Spain alone, it is estimated that this year there were almost 5 million mobile buyers. Connect with wearables: Wearable devicesThey will peak in 2015. Gartner says about 15 million smartwatches will be sold next year and about 68 million health-related electronic devices. This will make them the perfect platform for marketing strategies, both for collecting data and creating interactions. Initially they had only been related to people interested in fitness, because they were designated as accessories when doing sports. But we have soon realized all its benefits and that every time developers present new applications that allow their interaction when sending notifications and emails. They are the perfect platform that accompanies our potential clients all day.

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