Exporting companies are turning more and more decisively to international digital marketing in response to a need to have a greater presence on the internet. On many occasions, this presence happens through the implementation of an Inbound marketing system, that is, the generation of content that helps them increase that presence in different circles, social networks, company blogs, corporate newsletters, etc … While it is true that on many occasions we can choose to “borrow content from others” such as sharing the content of others on social networks such as Linkedin or Twiiter, it is also true that what is always more interesting is the generation of our own content that directs the recipient to our own digital media such as the website. My experience working on digital marketing plans tells me that when the time comes to tackle inbound marketing, one of the key pieces of digital marketing, companies find an almost insurmountable wall.

It is then that doubts arise as to whether the own ability to generate enough content in number and quality, maintaining them over time. The same phrase always comes up “in the company we do not generate enough news and content to publish at least once a week”. Many companies mistakenly believe that inbound marketing involves flooding the internet  Finland WhatsApp Number List  with news about our company and therefore it is difficult for them to imagine how they could generate such a quantity of information. Inbound marketing tries to generate information that interests our target audience, we actually have to talk a lot about you and little about me, just enough. We are all bored by being with people who only talk about themselves, on the internet it is exactly the same, people are interested in issues that affect us, we look for information, solutions to specific problems, etc … and therefore the content that we must generate must be adapted to the needs of our audiences.

To generate your own content it is always useful to create a small information system that will provide us with information for our publications, attention, it is not about copying, transcribing or translating, but about looking for information that helps us to generate our own content. If the intention is to publish content on technological advances in a sector, we must subscribe to the information sources that will provide us with that information and then adapt it to those we need and transmit it, I repeat, copying and pasting is not acceptable and also if we are discovered, we will give a sorry image. It is also very useful to generate several plot threads that give to be able to develop diverse content if we get out of our objectives, a good trick is to generate a tree of ideas where other more specific threads are born from the different plot threads, this will help us to generate content and not be too repetitive. Finally, inbound content marketing is often a matter of testing and seeing that control metrics are important, every time you publish it is necessary to see the result of it in the form of views of our blog, mentions, etc

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