The global health crisis has generated a state of alert. And constant uncertainty, today due to the omicron. Variant, infections have been unleashed as well. As health problems. Within a life environment immersed. In digitality social networks are a tool to transmit. Information quickly and virally in the same way within these. Platforms you can see how diverse artists everyday. Users and influencers lend their stories in relationship. With the disease seeking to make its followers aware. And thus prevent themselves, in this way auron play. Tells its experience after testing positive in days.

It Is Through the Social Network Twitter That

The story of the streamer was made known which. Results in a series of tweets about how his daily suffering. Is after testing positive for Payroll Supervisor Email List the global disease. The influencer points out from his official account. @auronplay the following I would like to talk. About my experience with covid I hope it will help. At least someone who reads me from. Now on to be a little more cautious when meeting with. Colleagues for a drink I insist it is not to scare. It is to warn auron play tells its experience after testing. Positive the streamer generated at least eight comments. From his official profile within which he recounts. A bit of his daily life after testing positive for covid.

Points Out the Importance of Taking Care

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Of oneself and preventing, of considering the situation. When going out with friends and the consequences. That this can lead, he also relates how complicated it. Has been to continue working, as well as the medication. He is using to mitigate his ailments the influencer within. The conversation points out the first 5/6 days with. A high fever reaching peaks of 39.7 you take a paracetamol. It goes away for exactly 2 hours and then it comes. Back even stronger forget being able to sleep. Every fucking night shaking in bed with some terrible. Nightmares and he adds covid is funny because the fever. Comes and goes when it comes out of his dick.

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