As the world continues seeing / being that, to become more and more. Interconnected it’s important to create content that can. Reach a global audience which often involves. Translating your video content into a foreign language. Technology has given people access around the world. To online content like never before this has become. Even more evident and important during the. Covid-19 pandemic in 2016 video accounted for 72% of all. Global consumer internet traffic and that number has. Grown over the past with this intention, five years today video traffic. Accounts for 82% of all internet traffic. Top 10 countries with the most views on youtube includes.

Foreign Languages ​​why Translate Videos

Usa brazil russia japan india uk germany france. Mexico and turkey one of the largest and most popular. Video platforms in the world, youtube has amassed. Over 1 billion Brazil Phone number users globally in 2021, there are approximately. 1.86 billion youtube users worldwide, up from 1.47 billion. In 2017 although it was created in the united. States eight of the 10 countries with the most users. Of youtube are in non-english speaking countries. There is no denying the profound impact of globalization. Captions translations of dialogue into other. Languages ​​give people around the world the ability to engage. With your content if you want to reach a global audience. We show you how in the hope that, easy it is to translate videos into.

There Are Many Benefits of Translating

Videos into foreign languages to put it differently, ​​such as making your. Content accessible searchable and engaging for starters. We wouldn’t be able to watch some of our favorite. International movies and shows two of my favorite. Foreign language shows on netflix are dark a mind. Blowing mystery drama set in germany and money heist a truly gripping spanish drama about a mastermind about to pull off the biggest heist in history. The man said to the boy as mentioned translations. Allow your content to reach a wider audience expanding your. Audience to loyal viewers looking for the next binge. Worthy show (myself included) people all over the. World create and watch content, but sadly videos. Are not always translated into foreign languages.

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