In Social Networks we share everything that happens to us on a daily basis. Taking into account that we spend almost a third of our time at work, it is very likely that we share on social networks about the company where we work. Many companies, especially those with few people, miss this reality to increase their presence on Social Networks. They tend to think how “Corporations” and leave the issue of Social Networks to one person. “The manager is the only one who manages Twitter”, “She is in charge of Facebook”? or more pretentious “He is the Community Manager”. The reality is that Social Networks are another space where to relate to the environment. The participation of all employees of a company has a relationship and impact on the reputation of the company. And it seems to me that it is a great opportunity to improve the connection with your clients and prospects. According to a survey in 15 countries recently published by KRC Research revealed that 50% of employees post messages related to their company. If your business has more than two employees, one is already posting things related to your business. And although it may sound a bit scary at first, is it a very good thing? if we know how to take advantage of it.

This is what I call the Extended Social Network: all the connections that your co-workers and even your suppliers and related parties have. When you get these people to talk about your company, you reach a lot more people. On average each Facebook user has about 200 friends. Imagine that for every worker who talks about your company you are adding 200 outreach people automatically. If you have a Facebook page with about 1,000 followers, your reach is increasing by 20% every time an employee talks about the company. Basic Conditions The first thing is that people are happy to work in your company. If people are upset or feel badly treated there is no way you can get them to speak well of your company. They are going to speak badly and they are going to do it with a lot of energy. Another  Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List   important point is that everyone understands the importance of helping customers. It seems to me that this is key because it shows a clear and simple path for publications on social networks about the company. Helping a client is good for the company. I am assuming that your company is really interested in helping the customer. The Internet is full of stories where an employee helps a client by exposing a dishonest practice of the company. How am I sure your company if you want to help customers will not have this problem. Fulfilling these two conditions, you already have fertile ground where you can work to get everyone to help the company on social networks. Promover la “Voceria Social”

The more people who know about your company, the more likely you are to get customers and increase the size of the market. When more customers come to everyone in the company they do better. But not everyone perceives that their actions on Social Networks can help the company. Break this barrier by promoting that people actively use Social Networks to achieve a greater connection with customers and prospects. Either through the company’s “official” channels or personal profiles, when you get workers to get involved with related communities, benefits are obtained for the team. Training Until a few years ago it was possible to delegate everything related to customer attraction to “Marketing Experts”. And until very recently, customer voices had very low volume. It was very difficult for customer complaints to have a real impact. All this changed with the Internet and especially with social networks. Now it turns out that everyone in the company has some responsibility in attracting and keeping customers. And the voice of customers now has the opportunity to be heard literally across the globe.

I think it is important that people in any company have a basic training in Marketing. To take advantage of the Extended Social Network, it is an excellent business to train all workers no matter what activity they perform. Any knowledge they have of Marketing will be reverted to better participation in the Networks. There are courses that can be taken online saving time traveling. Several of our clients at Imolko have used the Timely Marketing Course to train everyone in their company and the results are truly amazing. They have achieved a better alignment and a much greater reach in the Networks. I respect This value is very important for any communication that your colleagues maintain in the company. Respect must be present when messages are generated towards anyone. Whether they are other workers, clients or even competitors, Respect must be present in any social network. This must be clear so that no more problems are generated than benefits. I think this is aligned with the goal of the Culture of Service and helping other people. There is no point in being disrespectful when trying to help others. Recognition

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