Reaching the consumer is increasingly difficult. More and more brands are trying to convince them of something, more and more communication channels and more and more stimuli that citizens come across in their day-to-day lives. Brands have to attract attention in the middle of a space full of noise, in which consumers suffer from an excess of information in which they have begun to prioritize sources and content to ignore others.

How, therefore, to cross that entry barrier and penetrate the heart of the consumer? How can you at least listen to what the brand has to say to you and that your message is not drowned out in the midst of the thousands of stimuli you receive every day? Achieving this is complicated and requires a lot of work and effort, but brands can always use certain rules and ideas to position themselves in a much more favorable situation than the starting point. In an analysis in MarketingProf, 5 key points stand out so that a brand message is not buried in the midst of the avalanche of information that the internet supposes and that are well worth a basic guide to stand out in the middle of the noise.

Customize It may seem redundant to launch this recommendation, since message personalization has become a kind of constant that is recommended by practically each and every article on how to reach  Cyprus mobile number list  consumers in the age of information overload and in the age of the internet. . However, it seems like it never hurts to remember because customizing is still a highly effective tool.

As you remember from MarketingProfs, personalizing does not mean, however, simply including the consumer’s name in the email templates. It is not about something cosmetic but rather something strategic. Personalization needs some work behind it and it has to be done carefully and efficiently. Consumers expect that both the messages they receive and the offers and products that brands send them are designed for them, that they are recommended according to their needs. It has to be something personal and direct. Brands have to show that they understand them as consumers and that is not fulfilled with a hello Paco or a happy summer Ana. To achieve this you have to study consumers well.

Take hold of science

In this increasingly complex world, it is not only necessary to know consumers as if they were close friends (when in fact they are one of thousands and thousands of consumers) but also to know how to reach them with the most appropriate ways. The solution to achieve it: technological tools. It may seem that marketing is a discipline far removed from science, but the truth is that this is no longer true. It is not valid only with instincts, it is not valid only with experience. Now, as they point out in the recommendations, the market must be approached with the spirit of a scientist.

Technology is an ally and no marketer should feel limited when using it. Big data, tools that play with automation and data collection, statistical knowledge … All these realities allow us to be much more effective in approaching and conquering the consumer. Measure Brands have always been interested in measuring the bottom line. It is a logical question. A company needs to know how much it is selling and if its strategies are being the most successful to win over its consumers. In other words, a company needs to know its ROI. Making profit is the end goal.

But the truth is that in today’s world, in the world of excess information and in which it is increasingly difficult to reach the consumer, the needs are much greater and the obligations, in terms of monitoring, more demanding. Now you have to measure absolutely everything. Don’t be shy about collecting data and nothing should be left to chance. You have to know what is happening to all things and how consumers are responding to all of them. Everything must be tracked and all steps must be investigated. From the data obtained, conclusions can be drawn that will allow more and better reaching consumers in the immediate future.

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