session today.HubSpot for inbound sales:  with a CRM Sales teams ne Hubspot for inbound sales. Learn how CRM can help them with different business challenges. edward eneque ward eneque Founder – CEO The COVID-19 crisis has forced us to rethink business models. Fac with the growth of increasingly fierce competition, it is necessary to use the support and opportunities provid by technology to make processes more efficient.

With this in mind, we develop the Masterclass “Hubspot Sales to increase productivity by sales executive” where, together with Camilo Clavijo , Latam Sales Director at HubSpot, we talk about how HubSpot’s CRM can help teams become more efficient. The modern sales model Since the pandemic, we have experienc a growth in the volume of messages and information provid to people through different channels such as radio, TV, digital mia and email.

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There is a growing overload of information  customers , in such a way that many of these communications end up being ignor or in the spam box. But what is behind all this? Today’s Luxembourg Phone Number re much smarter because they have the Internet at their fingertips. That makes them more skeptical and they no longer believe everything they are told. Today it is almost impossible to convince someone to do something they don’t want to do. Salespeople will have little chance of persuading a customer who has already made up their minds.


Many companies continue to see the sales area as a generator of income, but not expenses. As a result of this vision and commercial approach, add to the obstacles in the processes, companies have some problems such as: Increase in employee turnover. Decreas productivity per sales rep. Last minute hires. Businesses become their own bottlenecks. And CRM comes in . For many companies, this appears to be the magic solution but it is not the answer per se. Before having a CRM, it is necessary to develop and standardize the internal sales processes,

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the map that the client is going to follow and draw a route to maximize productivity per salesperson. Impulse CRM Service Therefore, to modernize the commercial strategy it is important to be clear about these 3 aspects: Culture: it begins by changing the mindset of the sales team, moving from a model focus on the product to a model where the objective is to create solutions with the client. Processes: from its implementation to designing a strategy so that they have scale. The idea is that they are established and do not depend on other factors such as rotation.

CRM: after defining the processes, it is time to look for the best technology to implement processes, measure them and make decisions bas on the data obtain from their execution. Productivity challenges and how to solve them 1. How to prioritize which contacts to start spending time with? The two factors to consider in this challenge should be fit and interest. The first refers to how well a prospect meets the requirements or characteristics of the ideal client; the second measures the level of inclination of the prospect for what is offer. What to look for, naturally, is a high level of both fit and interest.

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