There is no denying the benefits of positive client testimonials for law firms. From helping to improve search rankings. Moreover, to building authority and a powerful reputation in your field. Client testimonials can provide huge advantages. The question many are left with is, once you receive a great review from a client, what should you do with it? Hint: the answer is not to just let it sit there and hope that others will see it. Below you’ll find four strategic ways to get. Creative and ensure you are using your law firm client testimonials to their full potential.

Feature them on social media

One of the simplest yet most impactful ways to feature client testimonials is to highlight. In addition, your client’s words on a graphic and share it on social media. You can make it a weekly series, such as “Testimonial Tuesday” or “What Our Clients Say Wednesday”. Which will not only provide a weekly platform to showcase. In addition, how happy clients are with your services. But will also remind your online following why your firm is the one to go to.


Include them in your newsletters

What better way to stay top of mind and leave others Jamaica Phone Numbe with a positive impression than including testimonials in your newsletters and emails? Take advantage of these communication tools and use them to remind your contacts – including past clients – why they chose you and why they can trust your firm again in the future. Let the third-party credibility of testimonials show potential clients that you will be the right choice.

TIP: Since readers have already invested the time to review what your firm has to say, keep testimonial highlights short and straightforward here.

Incorporate them on your website

Most potential clients will do their own research as part of determining which law firm to choose for their legal needs. This usually begins with a Google search and a perusal of each firm’s website. You’d be doing your firm a disservice to not incorporate client testimonials as part of your law firm website design. Rather than letting people make their own assumptions about your law firm, show them what they can expect by featuring testimonials in a designated spot on your website.

Upload video testimonials to your law firm YouTube channel

With YouTube being the world’s second-largest search engine behind Google. Showcasing video testimonials on your very own law firm YouTube channel is a no brains. In this day and age, people are much more likely to watch a video to educate. Themselves rather than simply reading text.

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