Web forms are at the heart of generating web conversions. They convert visitors into leads, subscribers and customers in due time.  Conversions are critical for organizations but they can be incredibly challenging to achieve.

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Because no one likes filling in forms.

For this reason, developing succinct and optimised web forms is an indispensable part of SEO. Below are some ways you can instantly improve your website’s web form:


1. Use Minimal Fields

The ‘less is more’ policy applies here. The fewer fields in a form, the more likely the website visitors will fill them. For example, if you do not intend to call users it would be pointless to ask them for phone numbers. If your company doesn’t intend to post anything asking for address is pointless. Having too many form fields also makes visitors less inclined to actually fill in any details at all.

Here’s an example from Marketo that illustrates why Afghanistan Phone Number having minimal fields in forms does the trick.

While five fields are certainly better than nine, it’s best to use forms with even fewer fields, unless those fields are absolutely necessary! However web forms are subjective. For example a contact form asking for name, phone number, job title, address and favourite food is unlikely to get many submissions in most cases. However, this might work for an event registration form.


2. Create the Illusion of Less

Have lengthy forms? No problem. If you can’t trim the form any further, there are a few ways you can make these forms more engaging and less daunting for your website visitors. The simplest way is to reduce the vertical space between the fields or align the titles to the side, instead of placing them above it.

It might also be worthwhile to create multi-layer forms which require less information in each step. In SoundCloud only the email address is required in the first step. Password and age in the second. This makes the form look simple.

Both of these methods can be can be effective for obtaining required information from clients while still making your web forms look shorter and less daunting than they actually are. Notice how SoundCloud made a smart move by asking for age in the second step instead of the first.


3. Test Form Layouts

The layout is one of the most important elements of a web form. It directly impacts the way users perceive a landing page and judge its credibility, thereby impacting conversion rates.  Identifying what the target user truly craves in terms of convenience can be key to increasing conversions.

In terms of user experience and from the eye movement perspective, forms 1 and 2 perform well. However form 3 is perceived the best in terms of a user’s visual scanning. On the other hand, form 4 and 5  are rated particularly low for user satisfaction because of their low scanning efficiency.

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