Finding a video translation and captioning provider. Can be overwhelming, but not all providers are created. Equal. After some time in the industry, we have gained expert knowledge of what to look for in a provider. Services required, cost effectiveness, accuracy and more all need to be considered. Translated video. Content has the potential to reach a global audience and increase your brand visibility, and the right provider. Can play a role in making that happen. Keep reading to learn more about what you should look for in a. Translation and subtitling provider questions to ask a translation provider quality naturally.

One of the Most Important Factors to Consider

When choosing a translation and subtitling provider is quality. The industry standard for captioning and. Transcript accuracy is 99% – although there is no Russia Phone number comparable industry metric for captions and translation. They should always create a fair viewing experience. According to user -powered captioning platform and. Translation partner 3play amara…high-quality translated subtitles should: do not cover too large an area on. The screen include natural and logical line breaks allow viewers to follow the plot of the video, even when. Muted allows viewers to play 1 full subtitle before the next one appears direct (“Word-for-word”) translations. Do not always work , and some words or phrases in the source language do not have a corresponding.

Equivalent in the Target Language This Is Why

Translations should always be done by professional linguists, so that all of the cultural nuances of your video. Content can be accurately captured. 3play guarantees a measured accuracy rate of 99.6% across the board. And our translation services are seamlessly integrated with our regular captioning and transcription. Services, meaning we guarantee the same level of accuracy with our translations than with our. Transcriptions. Additionally, we use linguists with industry-specific expertise on topics such as technology. Health, education, and more. When researching vendors, don’t hesitate to ask for examples of translations. They’ve done or even test a file with them. This can be a great way to gauge whether or not a supplier is. Meeting your by the same token, quality expectations.

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