Under the administration of president joe biden, accessibility seems to have become a major initiative. Since (and even before) mr. Biden’s inauguration. He and his team have worked to make all communications. Accessible to a wider audience, especially. Those who are deaf or hard of hearing and/or. Have sight loss. During his campaign, mr biden’s. Events featured captions, interpreters and an option to. Access live audio descriptions, according to usa. Today although substantial accessibility progress has. Already been made including new features on the. White house website and an official accessibility. Statement available in the footer of all pages on its website. The administration acknowledged that there is still work to be done.

Promising That These Measures Are Part of Ongoing

Accessibility efforts aimed at conforming to the web. Content accessibility criteria (wcag) version 2.1. Level aa. So what exactly has this Bulgaria Phone number new administration. Done on accessibility, why is it important, and what. Could these initiatives mean for you and/or your. Organization? What has changed official white house. Communications have been delivered and presented. In a way that allows viewers and website visitors to. View the information they need for accessibility. Specifically, changes were noticed on the official. White house. Gov website, as well as during white. House press briefings website changes specifically. Tech crunch reports that the white house website now. Has a dark mode and large text toggle for website. Visitors with vision loss or tired eyes.

Whitehouse Gov With Disable Large Font Size

Button white house. Gov with “Switch to large font size. Button white house. Gov showing dark mode. White house. Gov showing light mode tech crunch. Writer devin col de wet also pointed to the presence of. Captions and alt text with images on the site alt text has. Been used by marketers and website developers to. Help images (and the pages they appear on). Rank for targeted keywords, but from an accessibility. Perspective, this text describes the content of an. Image to those who use screen readers. White house press briefings according to white. House press secretary jen psaki, mr. Biden’s administration will be the. First in history to include ameri can sign language. (asl) interpretations at all daily house press briefings.

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