Subscription Model is a business model that provides periodic services to consumers. It is often Honduras Phone Number use in software or service manufacturers. For example, iQIYI provides monthly, quarterly, and annual membership Honduras Phone Number video content services, and Adobe provides annual software usage services. All products that pay for usage rights on a periodic basis can be calle It is a “subscription system”. This article does not discuss the advantages and evolution of the subscription system, but only introduces the background design of the subscription system use by SaaS vendors, most of which refer to the design logic of excellent billing SaaS products, such as Recruly, Chargebee, and Baremetrics. 1. Product Catalog First of all, SaaS products nee to have products that can be sold, which usually include the following three types.

For Example, Iqiyi Provides Honduras Phone Number

Benchmark product (Basic) We generally package multiple paid functions into a benchmark Honduras Phone Number product. The benchmark product only describes the paid functions it contains, and does not include the Honduras Phone Number subscription period. Therefore, the benchmark product has no pricing here. In the example of iQIYI, its benchmark products are: Gold Member (offer to watch membership videos Honduras Phone Numbers on mobile phones and iPads), Star Diamond membership (offer to watch membership videos on mobile phones, iPads, TVs), which are two different benchmark product. SaaS vendors usually define some paid functions as a paid version. For example, in Figma, they are divide into free version, professional version, and team version. In Blackpa Cloud, it is divide into free version, standard version and professional version.

Therefore, the Benchmark Honduras Phone Number

Honduras Phone Number List
Honduras Phone Number List

Different versions contain different functions. 2. Addons Incremental products generally Honduras Phone Numbers follow the benchmark products, such as 300Mb data packets of telecom operators, 100 minutes of call duration, Honduras Phone Number etc., are all incremental products. They are also characterize by periodic payment. Similarly, pure incremental products do not have their own pricing and nee to be price together with the payment cycle. It usually happens when the base product you purchase cannot meet the usage needs and can be supplemente by purchasing incremental products. And you can continue to subscribe to this incremental product in the next payment cycle. 3. One-time product

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