2020 has been an unprecedented year for many of us, including our customers. With a global pandemic. Many of our customers have had to shift gears and pivot their video accessibility needs. We were curious to. Understand how this has changed and how this could impact needs in 2021. Each holiday season, we. Survey our customers to better gauge their experience using 3play media throughout the year. This year has been no different. Except that so much in our world has changed. In this article, we review some of the key. Takeaways from our 2020 customer.

Vacation Survey and How Our Customers Are

Addressing video accessibility in our new digital world. Learn how to select the right video accessibility. Provider! ️1. Covid-19 has increased the Colombia Phone number need for video accessibility family watching video on their devices. Around march 2020, people were forced to shelter in place to prevent the spread of covid-19. Many of us. Have had to work, learn and socialize with loved ones back home. Since we couldn’t interact in person, we. Relied on video more than ever to stay connected. So much so that the average adult spent nearly 6.5 hours. A day watching tv and online videos during lockdown. It was clear that the demand for video was high, but. How exactly has this affected the need for video accessibility we surveyed our clients to see how.

Captioning and Transcription Needs Have Been

Impacted by the pandemic. Nearly 60% of our customers indicated that the number of hours captioned or. Transcribed in 2020 was influenced by covid-19. This did not surprise us. With the need for more video. Comes the need to make it accessible to everyone. Hearing people aren’t the only ones who depend on. Video to stay connected to their network; d/ deaf and hard of hearing people do it too. Without captions and. Transcripts, people with hearing loss are barred from attending business meetings, virtual classrooms, and. More. When videos are made accessible, users with disabilities can fully engage and interact with others in. Meaningful ways. 80% of the group who indicated that covid-19 impacted their captioning and transcription needs.

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