I am focused on helping entrepreneurs who want to grow to use the Internet as a medium … Master in Strategy and Creative Brand Management – UPF-BSM Learn to conceptualize a brand and define its creative and communication strategy. ACL DirectPromo · We Know Relational Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives · We like to create unique experiences Has it happened to you at a party that someone you hardly know comes along and starts to sell you something? It has happened to me on some occasions with people who do not differentiate the right time or environment to start selling you something. Desperation to sell causes us to skip the normal communication steps that we are all used to. And many times this despair is perceived as rudeness or lack of manners. Something similar can happen on the Internet when there is no distinction between the different moments of each person and it is about forcing a sale when they are just getting to know you. The worst thing is that the result of forcing a sale is that the chance of establishing more fruitful and long-term relationships is lost. By trying to make a sale today you lose the opportunity to establish a relationship and achieve many sales over time. When a visitor comes to your website you have no idea what mode they are in. Maybe it is your aunt who came to see what you do, is a recommended person who comes ready to buy or is a person who is researching among several suppliers. Friction I like to think that interactions between a person and our website have different levels of “friction”. The force of friction or friction force is defined as the force between two surfaces in contact, the one that opposes the movement between both surfaces. Wikipedia I like to think of friction as the degree of effort that we are asking of the other person. If we go back to the example of the party, when a person greets you and asks you “How are you?” the effort required for your answer is very low.

Therefore this greeting has a low friction level. On the other hand, when a person barely knows you asks for your phone number, they are asking you to give up a little of your privacy. With which the level of friction is higher. The greater the trust that exists between two people, the easier it is to request activities with greater friction. I can ask my best friend to take me home after a party, which has a very high degree of friction. On your Website On the website, the activities that we can request from our visitors are limited to interactions between a person and their computer. A visitor can read, click, fill out a form, chat, and the like. Friction levels  Croatia WhatsApp Number List   are determined by the effort we ask a visitor to make. If upon arrival we receive it with a “PUT YOUR CREDIT CARD TO BUY” we are asking you for an activity with very high friction. In fact, this is one of the most frictional activities that can happen between a company and a customer. If you are lucky enough that the visitor who arrives is already determined to buy and has confidence in your company, you have a chance that they will make the purchase and their motivation is higher than the friction generated by said activity. If, on the other hand, it is a person who has just found you on Google and does not know if they want to buy, and does not know your company, it is practically impossible for them to overcome the friction that you pose and most likely they will run away. To ensure that your website can work well for the different times a visitor may be, it is important that you request activities with different degrees of friction. Friction also serves as a good indicator of how interested the visitor is. The higher the friction of the visitor’s activities, the higher their interest and the more likely they are to buy from you. When your website only asks that they buy, you are wasting the opportunity to interact with people who are at another time. People who may be evaluating now but who will buy in the future.

There is also an important “investment” factor to consider. The more activities with friction we have “invested” in a company, the deeper the relationship we have. Let’s see how to put the concept of friction into practice by assigning a degree of friction to the activities that you can request on your website:Read a page When a user reaches your page, they have performed the activity with the lowest friction. You may have clicked on Google or a link that was passed to you through an email or social network. If the level of friction is very high when entering your page, people run away without spending a lot of time on your website. To know if it is happening you need to see the bounce rate in the statistics of your website. In this case the friction may be due to text that is difficult to understand or a design that does not generate confidence. Navigate between pages Once the visitor has reached your page the next level of friction is that they navigate between different pages. If you can convince him that he can learn, enjoy, have fun with other pages, the visitor will click on other pages and he will stay with you longer. The more motivated the visitor is by what you have on your website, the more time and pages they will navigate. The degree of friction is determined by the number of clicks that must be made, and the motivation comes from the interest in your information. To achieve greater motivation, the business blog may be the best option. Like on Facebook Page If the person has their Facebook account open, and many people have it open all the time, with a single click they can follow your Facebook page. One thing that is not so good is that this “follow-up” does not guarantee that the user will hear from you again. The news that a user sees is determined by Facebook and it may be that it leaves your company out if the user has not interacted with your company for a long time.

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