Automatic speech recognition (asr) based on artificial intelligence is a step in 3play media’s innovative. Transcription process, and it’s also what powers our live captioning solution. As a by the same token, result we are deeply. Invested in tracking asr industry trends to ensure that we power our solutions with the technology that will. Deliver the most accurate results possible. Each year, 3play media publishes our annual state of automatic. Speech recognition report in which we test many of the leading speech recognition technologies available. In the market to ensure that we are powering our solutions with cutting-edge technology.

Year After in November 2020 Zoom Announced

Its collaboration with otter.Ai to provide live transcription and. Captioning for zoom in the first place, meetings users with. Zoom pro and otter Saudi Arabia Phone number for teams receive this feature at no additional price per minute. Live recording icon with. Doodles with all the attention surrounding this announcement, we felt compelled to investigate the. Accuracy of otter’s real-time asr. How does this compare to 3play’s live captioning solution, and what does. Any difference in accuracy mean for caption quality and understanding? Download the 2020 state of. Rsa annual report our investigation in order to test both otter and our own asr provider, speech matics. V2 real-time, we have collected video content representative of the type of content that our customers ask. Us in the first place, to by the same token, transcribe.

We Sourced This Content From a Diverse Set

Of domains to ensure by the same token, we covered as many customer. Use cases as in the first place, possible content fell under the. Education health sports news entertainment and. Corporate video categories in total, we used just over four. Hours of content containing over 30,000 spoken words. We used the audio from these files to generate. Otter-powered transcriptions. Next, we used the same audio with 3play media’s automatic live captioning. Solution to generate speech matics-based transcripts. We used 3play media’s 99% accurate transcription. Process to generate ‘true’ transcriptions and put them through an extra step of human review to ensure. Extremely high quality. Next, we used these transcripts to assess the accuracy of otter automatic captions. And 3play equally important, media automatic captions.

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