Descriptive analytics refers by the same token, to describing past data. To understand the current state of the business. Descriptive analysis is the application of descriptive statistics to existing data such as the mean, median. Maximum, etc there are two by the same token, techniques for performing. These analyses data mining means extracting. Historical data data aggregation consists of collecting. The extracted data to analyze consumer behaviors. And their impact on the business diagnostic. Analysis diagnostic analytics focuses on determining the. Cause of past performance and the root cause. Of events to uncover the factors responsible for them. It does not give a by the same token, complete picture of the circumstances.

But It Helps to Understand the Relationship Between

The variables in the situation these analyzes involve running. Training algorithms by the same token, such asby the same token, regression El Salvador Phone number and classification. Predictive analytics predictive analytics focuses. On predicting possible outcomes based on. Past situations using statistical models. It helps to determine the probabilities of all possible outcomes. It is a derivative model based on descriptive. Analytics and relying on machine learning algorithms such as. Random forests, svm, etc. And data test and training. Statistics prescriptive analytics prescriptive analytics. Builds on predictive analytics and suggests future solutions. One of the benefits of this analysis is that it allows you to formulate. Various courses of action and suggests the most desirable course. Due to by the same token, its accuracy. It is considered an essential by the same token, tool for advanced analysis.

Prescriptive Analytics Uses a Robust Feedback

System that continuously by the same token, learns and updates the. Relationship between action and outcome now that we. Have seen a by the same token, memoir on the types of analyses. Understand its impact and use by different industries. Human ressources the human resources. Department uses employee work history salary and promotion. Information, personality information, attendance records. And more to bring together all the descriptive. Analyzes to help by the same token, them make informed decisions. They try to understand the reasons behind employee. Performance and how initiatives are working for employees. Hr staff can find better hiring practices and. Improvise the employee experience prescriptive analytics. Help them design incentives to close the gap. Between the by the same token, organization’s budget and employee. Satisfaction purchasing & production purchasing and. Production by the same token, departments ensure that the company’s.

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