written in front When it comes to user conversion, the first method that comes to mind is red envelopes Kenya Phone Number and marketing activities, but these two most commonly used fund sales platforms cannot be easily Kenya Phone Number used. Due to the particularity of the industry, fund sales platforms are subject to strict supervision. The compliance risks of red envelopes and marketing activities are not easy to control, and it is easy to touch the bottom line of supervision. Let’s take a look at the requirements of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The  Administrative Measures for the Sales of Securities Investment Funds” clearly stipulates that there shall be no circumstances: Article 82 A fund sales agency engaging in fund sales activities shall not have any of the following circumstances.

Particularity of the Industry Kenya Phone Number

For the purpose of crowding out competitors, lowering the fund’s fee level; (2) Selling funds Kenya Phone Number by means of lottery, rebate or sending in kind, insurance, fund shares, etc.; (3) Selling funds Kenya Phone Number at a sales expense lower than the cost; (4) Commitment to use fund assets for benefit Kenya Phone Number transfer; (5) Making pre-order subscriptions or pre-subscription subscriptions (except for the fund’s regular fixed-amount investment business), and changing the release date of the fund without making an announcement as required; (6) Misappropriation of fund sales settlement funds; (7) Circumstances specified in Article 35 of these Measures; (8) Other circumstances prohibited by the regulations of the CSRC.

Making an Announcement As Kenya Phone Number

Kenya Phone Number List
Kenya Phone Number List

According to the author’s interpretation of the regulatory requirements, marketing Kenya Phone Numbers in the form of red envelopes should be prohibited, but there are still platforms in the market that can use red envelopes when purchasing funds; such as Alipay and JD Finance, how  Kenya Phone Numbers do they avoid compliance risks? (ps: Welcome to the discussion of the great gods from all walks of life). Although the fund industry is strictly regulate, there are not. As many ways to convert users in e-commerce, education and other industries. But it is also possible to design solutions to improve user conversion from the perspective of user psychology, scenarios, funds, and product functions. 02 Brainstorm entry point Scenario: Create different usage scenarios to solve different pain points of different users. Robo-advisor: Since you don’t know how to

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