explains Nicolás. Augmented Reality e-commerce  Augmented Reality has four strategic points. Makes the online experience physical This means that the customer can interact with the ecommerce. It will no longer be just about seeing the products in photos. But you will be able to try them in your own space. “For example, if we have a client. Who is decorating his living room, with Augmented Reality he will be able to try. The product that he sees in the catalog and see how it will look in his home,” says the expert.

The same happens with virtual trying, which allows products to be tested on the same consumer, such as sneakers, clothing, glasses, and even makeup. “What this type of technology does is add to provide a wow ecommerce experience to the customer and sell more,” he adds. Augmented Reality e-commerce Take the store to the consumer. This means that when the consumer cannot go to the physical store, the store can be brought to them and improve their retail shopping experience. For example. It can be given an informative context of the products, give it a visual context and have a

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greater value thanks to Augmented Reality. Transform the product into sellers Here Augmented Reality can be transformed to help persuade the consumer to choose the product. If the product Egypt Phone Number is seen in 3D, it will show details of how it looks and what its added value is. This is something that really adds value and can lead to higher conversions. Transform the store into a fully modern and seamless experiential location Augmented. Reality not only involves bringing 3D elements to the consumer’s home or just. Seeing something animated, but also provides the ability to interact and provide something


Therefore, AR in stores, always in line with consumer needs. “One of the challenges is to sell large items in a very small space and introduce the consumer to this “metaverse” without  reality . The solution lies in combining visual technology to be able to project 3D models of the products that show on the screen how they would look on a surface (for example, a piece of furniture in the customer’s room) and see the silhouette of the products to know how they would fit in the space.

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Thus, the client can have a totally immersive experience”, says Nicolás. shutterstock_1389767234 (1) Bet on Augmented Reality In that sense, there are challenges to solve. One of them is to teach the consumer to interact with this type of technology. However, the possibilities offered by Augmented Reality are so many that companies need to be encouraged. To promote it and innovate using technology. For e-commerce businesses to remain competitive. They need to invest in the development and integration of technology. Both to provide an incredible shopping experience to their customers,

Therefore, and to optimize and automate their processes . In this objective, our comprehensive Impulse ecommerce service is your best ally.. Our technology-based solutions put the consumer at the center of the shopping experience, thanks to our omnichannel approach. In this process, we have helped many leading brands scale their businesses . We invite you to schedule a free growth session with us . And, if you want to know in detail about other. Trends Ecommerce Day 2022 presentations, we invite you to do so at this link .

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