Social networks have become a fundamental part of the strategy of companies. But the social media universe is not a limited and isolated environment from the rest of the elements that are shaping the present and the future of brands and, in fact, it has a very direct relationship with other elements and tools that are increasingly crucial for the future of companies. Big data, for example, can become a powerful ally to establish a strategy in social networks and, above all, to make the social media universe not only an attempt to position the brand but rather a successful solution .

One of the fundamental legs of social networks and one of those that mark the success or failure of a company in that medium is in the fact that they have to be able to respond to consumers as they expect them to do or how they need to do it. “They need to respond proactively and at the right time on the social channel of choice,” explains Helena Schwenk, principal analyst at MWD Advisors, to Forbes, adding they have to be able to have the necessary content ready to give “the answer. correct answer, correct content and correct tone “to the demands of different types of audiences.

Therefore, it is necessary to use the data to understand the consumers and to know what exactly they want. It is not enough simply with intuition or with having a general idea of ​​what is of interest or what they are  Luxembourg phone number list   looking for, but rather that you have to work at a much more specific and concrete level to be able to anticipate their needs or give specific and concrete answers. . Big data is the key to achieving it.

Big data not only prepares the brand to know how to respond to consumers before they are even writing their messages, but it also allows us to advance the points that will be especially controversial in the relations between consumers and the brand. The data analysis allows to establish the specific moment in which the brand is most likely to have to listen to complaints or in which it is forced to solve problems and also helps to understand which steps are those that usually generate better results when trying to take a solution to that problem or complaint. Data analysis makes it possible to establish recommendations on what to do, but also all those steps that should be avoided.

One of the most important points of social networks is that they have to serve to tell something. It is not worth simply uploading a few messages of self-promotion, but they have to be interesting content that enhances engagement and reaches the consumer. You have to know what to tell. And figuring out what to count is not always so easy. What topics are consumers interested in?

Data analysis can be a very important source of information both to know what to tell and to have material to talk about. In the first part, the data analysis allows to establish the interests of the recipients. What updates have gotten the most engagement? What types of content achieve the best return rates? What are consumers wanting the brand to offer them? Having that information in hand becomes, therefore, something crucial to reach the consumer with the content that really interests them.

On the other hand, the data can be converted into information on its own and into information that usually gets the attention of consumers. This is what many media do, for example, when especially news events happen. Measuring the success of social media cannot be done simply by counting followers Big data is, therefore, an ally in terms of strategy, but it is also an element of powerful help to get to know what social networks are contributing. In order to understand its success (or the failure of the approach to the social media universe) there is no choice but to make use of analytical tools.

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