I really don’t know if the Germans will do the same. Maybe it is only a Latin American problem. But it has happened to me a lot of times that I meet with a customer and he tells me that he is ready to buy. That he’s signing the check as soon as I leave the office. And then – total silence. I am waiting to see the deposit in the account and nothing happens. Sometimes I imagine that as buyers we want to avoid an unpleasant situation and prefer to say that everything is ready to move forward. Or it may be that we do it to muddle through, without realizing what is happening on the seller’s side. Or it may be that as a seller you are not asking the right questions.

The truth is that when we are selling and they give us this “promise” a feeling of “sale made” is created. Each day that passes we become more attached to the sale, developing a feeling of anger towards the buyer. Anger at breaking the promise, anger at lying to us. The worst part is that this anger only serves to damage the relationship and prevent any  Tunisia phone number list   future sales. And the time we dedicate to chasing you to “fulfill” your promise we are ceasing to dedicate to other clients who may be more interested, even if they have not offered us anything directly.

I think one way to avoid this vicious cycle is to detach ourselves from the end result. That is, do not assume that the sale is made until we receive the final payment. But another way is to capture the signals that the client sends us and pay less attention to what they promise us. Or put another way, look at the promise just as one more sign. But it is not the only signal they send us and it is not even the most important.

A submarine needs to identify which objects are nearby to navigate the seafloor. You must differentiate between rocks, big fish, ships and enemy submarines. To do this, it uses Sonar technology (Acronym for “Sound Navigation And Ranging”). The concept was patented in 1913. Apparently the first patents were accelerated by the sinking of the Titanic. This technique is used in nature by animals such as the bat.

Sonar emits pulses of sound that are scattered in all directions. When these pulses collide with objects denser than water, signals are returned. The sender hears these signals and taking into account the time in which they returned determines the size and distance at which it is located.

Each received signal provides partial information on the situation. To have more information, it is necessary to send more pulses and receive the largest number of signals. That is, the more precision required, the higher the frequency and number of pulses that are sent.

Nerd Note: For those as roosters as me, in Jack Ryan’s first novel, “The Hunt for Red October”, the most important technology of the Russian submarine (the one that Sean Connery was driving) was that it could cancel the pulses so as not to inform its position enemy submarines? but that’s another story.

Let’s assume that a pulse is anything we send to our client. Can it be a phone call, an email, a meeting, a quote? anything. To take better advantage of our time, the ideal is that the pulses are very scalable. This means that our pulses can be used for several clients. This is one of the keys to Timely Marketing.

For example, instead of sending a very long email, it is better to publish an article on the blog and send the link. The time you invested for the article has a higher return because many customers can see it. Stretching the metaphor, we can say that it is necessary for the pulse to travel in any direction to detect more objects.

The signals are represented by those sent to us by customers. It may be in response to a pulse we send you. For example, replying to an email. Or it can start directly from the client. For example, an invitation to quote. The time in which the signals are received is also very important. The longer there is between signals, the lower the customer interest. Although I have assured you that they were urgent to buy from you, if 3 months go by until the next contact they really are not so urgent.

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