Recently, I finished reading the book Let My People Go Surfing, by Patagonia founder. France Phone Number  Yvon Chouinard. It’s a fascinating story by an inspirational business leader. He not only grew a successful company while being beloved by his employees and revered by his peers, but France Phone Number  he also intends to continue doing so without destroying the planet—a tall order for a clothing manufacturer that outsources to factories in emerging markets. I can relate to Chouinard’s paradox. I’m a print guy. That’s how I started in this business and how I plan to sustain it. As a print publisher,

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I too have a responsibility to seek out ways to make sure that sustaining our business France Phone Number doesn’t compromise the earth’s business—which isn’t always easy. However, while buzz phrases about being eco-friendly France Phone Number  stewards—“sustainable living,” “socially responsible,” “lower your carbon footprint,”—are rampant, such messaging tends to fall on deaf ears. Quite frankly, it’s perceived by the France Phone Number public at large as unrealistic, inconvenient and if you run a business, more than likely unprofitable. This makes Chouinard’s story even more powerful, though it’s pretty safe to say that the business of saving the planet could really use a massive content marketing overhaul. Perhaps it has already begun with Patagonia.

While Buzz Phrases France Phone Number

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France Phone Number List

A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a content strategy My journey to finding Chouinard’s book and becoming a customer of Patagonia is a good example of a simple France Phone Numbers content strategy at work, where seemingly disparate parts came together in a seamless experience. Bear in mind, not a single touch point along the way was through a France Phone Numbers  digital channel. I first read an article on how to build a better workplace (not how to save the world) featuring Mr. Chouinard in a printed copy of one of my favorite business magazines. In the article, he mentions Surfing. Now, it’s important to note that I’ve never been a Patagonia customer. However, the article inspired me to learn more about the man, his mission and his company.

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