To stay competitive, retain customers and be found online, a growing number of businesses have started to. Make video a crucial part of their organization. In fact, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, not. To mention those who use it for other purposes, such as product training and sales demos. However, with. Opportunity comes responsibility. Video opens countless doors for businesses, but to comply with laws and. Regulations, those videos must also be accessible. In particular, the fcc requires captioning to be 99%. Accurate with spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We get it: businesses are busier than ever.

Over the Past Year Many Have Had to Pivot Their

Entire business model and make a series of difficult and stressful decisions. Finding captions for videos is. Often the last thing on a company’s mind, but neither Chile Phone number is a legitimate excuse to avoid possible accessibility. Lawsuits , which continue to grow alongside the increase in video consumption rates. As a solution businesses, schools, and government organizations rely on video captioning services to provide fast, cost. Effective, and accurate captions for online video content. This way, these entities can focus on their core. Missions and have confidence that their video content meets accessibility standards. At 3play media, we. Strive to help organizations in all industries caption their videos accurately and efficiently, and that’s why. Thousands of universities, media companies.

Video Producers and Companies Trust Us Every Year

We send out our customer vacation survey to better understand our customer experience, particularly how. We perform against other providers in this space. While 2020 proved challenging, we were honored to find. That our services made at least one aspect of our clients’ jobs easier. Here are just a few of the reasons why. Thousands of organizations continue to trust 3play for their captioning and transcription needs. Precision. Asin the survey, a 3play customer said that 3play’s “Closed captioning accuracy is much better” than its. Competitors, while another customer said that 3play is “Much more accurate with the subtitling and. Transcription”. Numerically, 3play achieved an average satisfaction score of 4.5 out of 5 on the topic of quality.

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