Within the daily use of social networks there are various. Moments that have earned a place in the immense. World of viral content either because it is extraordinary. Or that it affects consumers or users in some way or that this. Generate talk within the latter is the story exposed by. The tiktok social network in which a 24-year-old girl recounted. How it was that the company she worked for and which. Had fired her long ago deposited her for error about 3 thousand. Dollars the equivalent in mexican pesos to about 60. Thousand however she comments that it was not all.

But That by Notifying the Error, the Company Wanted

The young woman to return the money and take. Over all the work that this represented an act that. Generated a polarized Latvia B2B List conversation within the social. Network platform the young tik toker, realizing that her. Account had increased considerably decided to. Notify her former company via email of what had happened. Obtaining the following response okay no problem. I’ll put you in contact with the payroll, at see what. Happens said the email he received in response. There was a lot of money in there that shouldn’t have. Been revealed the woman with the username. @rebuildingmary on tik tok she explained that she realized. When logging into her bank account where there were. 3,000 dollars that translates into 61,788the woman. Narrated in the short video in addition.

The Internet User Pointed Out That After Sending

Latvia B2B List

The email with the notification of what happened to the. Company the young woman received one back where she. Was asked to return the money by check. A situation that made her laugh and that she ironically. Declared I’m 24 years old he pointed out I don’t have any. Checks in fact I don’t know anyone who has a checkbook anymore. Does a 20-year-old have a checkbook adding I got fired and. I have to go out and fix this fucking problem due to these statements internet users polarized the conversation. Putting into practice the ethics and fate of the young woman.

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