Guerrilla marketing, otherwise. Norway WhatsApp Number List.Known as ambient advertising, is a term coin  by Jay Conrad Levinson. Describing marketing efforts that use nontraditional methods to achieve traditional goals. Sound vague? It should. The beauty of going guerrilla is that there are no real limits, aside from your imagination. And to give you a better idea of just how far imaginative marketing can take you. Here are 5 ways that ads have flown off their respective pages or screens and into our everyday world. Street art as guerrilla marketing — Historically, street art has served as a brazen way to draw attention.

What began as graffiti rooted

What began as graffiti rooted in.Norway WhatsApp Number List Hip Hop culture has transformed into an unique urban language of artistic expression. If a significant portion of your customers are city dwellers and your brand can sustain the edginess associated with (perceived) vandalism, you might want to consider street art guerrilla marketing. The only materials you need are basic art supplies, which means this can be done on a budget, though you will want to contract an artist who specializes in this form. Speaking of artists, remember that street art is just that: art.

If you adopt a campaign of this nature

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moreover,If you adopt a campaign of this nature.Norway WhatsApp Number List Be prepare for possible backlash—namely, the ire of those who hold art as sacre and separate from commercialism. To paint a picture, imagine visiting the Louvre and seeing that the Mona Lisa is now brought to you by McDonald’s. What you need to know Relatively low cost, depending on the scale of the project and the number of artists involved Exclusive to urban markets Well suited for non-profit or social issues campaigns who will not be perceive as appropriating art for commercial purposes

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