Grouping 1. The purpose of the group. The grouping mode is define as social e-commerce, Czech Republic Phone Number and sharing is the core of the Czech Republic Phone Number grouping mode, which is a good marketing method and business method. For the platform, the goal of group grouping is to attract new people, increase the number of orders, use the user relationship chain to promote products, and expand the influence; The group triggers fission and spread; users who use social relationships can win word of mouth and trust in the product, thereby increasing the conversion rate of orders. 2.

Goal of Group Grouping Czech Republic Phone Number

The business process of grouping 1) Group channel Participation in the group: After the user Czech Republic Phone Number successfully starts a group, the product details page displays the detaile information of the Czech Republic Phone Number group order, and the browsing user can pay and participate in the group in the station. Together with  above figure shows Czech Republic Phone Numbers the process involve in opening and joining a group on the user site. Together with  invitation: Group sharing activities encourage users to share, and by inviting friends, they can complete the task of combining orders within a limite time. Users nee to click to participate through the invitation link outside the site; when entering the app grouping details page through the sharing link.

After the User Successfully Czech Republic Phone Number

Czech Republic Phone Number List
Czech Republic Phone Number List

They nee to judge the status of the grouping order, whether the grouping succeeds Czech Republic Phone Numbers  or fails. 2) Time description. Together with  time to be judge in the group grouping process includes: activity. Together with  group formation time, and expiration time. The group formation time and Czech Republic Phone Numbers expiration time are set and calculate for a single grouping product. The activity time is the start time of the whole group activity. Which is a fixd time period and generally lasts for a long time. There are multiple commodities participating in the group activity under the activity. Together with  commodities support setting their own group time. Through the activity intensity, commodity inventory, number of participants. The group formation time is set according to the specific situation, that is. The countdown to the group formation after the group order is formed.


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