This entire hysterical construct that exploits the anxiety of the elderly the fear. The younger and the needs of a society that is more concerned with the successful course of the whole and hardly. At all with the personal happiness of each one is based on precarious and arbitrary criteria whether these. They have to do with the ends either with the means or with the persons. The quantitative criteria of money and publicity. Criteria respected on the condition that one becomes aware that they. Must be absolute goals not even main ones and sources of definitive enjoyment. Since their pursuit excludes other contradictory dimensions. In the second category that of the means everyone talks openly about values qualities work and work. Confesses equally openly what he secretly believes that is the weapons that today’s society respects. The achievement of the goals that it recognizes it is mainly public relations and transaction.

The grant of photographic editions monographs

Finally this whole edifice of orientation ignores some basic rights. The right to change to be surprised to be wrong to search for utopia. That is to allow ourselves to change without it giving us lightness and for life to surprise us without it filling us with insecurity. To decide by accepting T-Shirt Design Service that error is the most common outcome. Time cannot be pressing since the end has a certain if but an uncertain when. Maybe finally success and maybe happiness is to get up in the morning with curiosity and a willingness. Discover and create to be honest with yourself and others. Freely choose your values ​​and pleasures based on your own criteria to believe until the end that everything is possible. Therefore possible and to fall asleep at night to rest and not to escape. To achieve all this start working and life will guide you slowly.This note is the final continuation of the commentary on the conclusion of the working group on a National Policy on artistic photography.

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The conclusion foresees but in store for us

Great photographers past and present must be excluded on the basis of this express exception. And let’s face possible similar provisions in other artistic spaces. Theater performances on a conventional Elizabethan stage etc. If these arrangements are Bold Data included in any legislation then. If they are just wishes what place do they have in a text. National Policy Is it to prepare us for the kind of state photo that the next decade predicts with the appointment of members. The working group to key positions Better to leave us the charm of surprise and the pleasure of curiosity. Now all of us photographers got the message. As far as government grants are concerned new surprises await us. The applicant photographers divided into categories of three ten. Fifteen years of previous artistic activity nor employees who prove previous service claim grants that will be very difficult to achieve because. The work they deliver does not receive  An example of artistic respect and freedom.

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