The beginning of the year brings with it multiple opportunities. In addition to the opportunity to solidify all those trends that. Of this is the growing number of gamers worldwide since according. To data provided by satista estimates that during the past year. 2.8 million active gamers were registered. A figure that is estimated to increase considerably in the coming. Years, and more with great news such as the one. Released today by rockstar games the announcement. Was made through various platforms and social networks. From the different at this instant, official rockstar games accounts.

Where It Was Announced That the Recent Installment

Of the huge grand theft given these points, auto saga is already underway. News that shocked the world of the old ones. Since this title is one of the most anticipated by gamers. And conventional players due to the resounding success. Of past installments Finland B2B listings grand theft auto iv is underway. From its official twitter account rockstargames. I know a comment was made in which the news that has. Shocked the world of video games today’s bad news was released where the representatives of the. Firm comment many of you have been. Wondering about for the most part, a new entry in the grand. Theft auto series with each new project our goal. Is always to go far beyond what we have previously delivered.

Development for the Next Entry in the Series

Finland B2B listings

Is underway theft auto is undoubtedly one of the most. Important video game sagas today each of its titles. Offers new adventures and combined the possibility. Of walking the streets of the city being a gangster a. Theme replicated in countless games however this title. Has the peculiarity of offering open world options. Collaborative games and character development evolution. Title of the saga will arrive soon has generated various. Reactions among the community that is looking forward. To this new title it is worth mentioning that the official release. Date is unknown but rumors suggest that it will be for the following year.

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