Google Adds Tool to Screen Depression


Google has teamed up with the National Alliance on Mental Illness to add a depression screening tool to its search results.

The questionnaire is designed to test what a person’s level of depression may be. It aims to raise awareness about depression and encourages people to seek medical help if required.

Google Launches ‘Landing Pages’ Mobile Assessment Tool

Google is helping advertisers improve their mobile performance with their new ‘Landing Pages’ tool. It will be launched in the next few weeks.

This assessment tool will identify the URLs that drive the most clicks, breaking it down to show which percentage of mobile clicks coming from smartphones land on a mobile-friendly page. These reports will allow marketers to identify and prioritize which URLs need paying attention to.


Ads on AMP Pages Will Load Even Faster

Already the fastest on the net, now ads on AMP pages will load even faster. The two actions will perform independent of each other, which means ad slots will render before the user views them.

For a detailed report on the rolling out of this new phase, read this article.


Study Shows 57% of Search Traffic is Mobile

According to a recent report from BrightEdge, 57% of search traffic Lebanon Phone Number comes from smartphones and tablets. Their research shows that 79% of all keywords rank differently on a desktop compared to a mobile device, with 47% of those keywords being in positions 1-20.

Walmart and Google Partner Up to Offer Voice Shopping

Moreover, The two powerhouses have teamed up to bring Walmart voice shopping to Google Assistant and Google Home. Free delivery will also be available through Google Express.  Best database provider | Buy Mobile Database

Walmart said, “One of the primary use cases for voice shopping will be the ability to build a basket of previously purchased everyday essentials. That’s why we decided to deeply integrate our Easy Reorder feature into Google Express. This will enable us to deliver highly personalized shopping recommendations based on customers’ previous purchases, including those made in Walmart stores and on Walmart. To take advantage of this personalization, customers only need to link their Walmart account to Google Express.”

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