Google’s ‘More Results’ Button for Mobile Search Results

Google has launched the ‘More results’ button for mobile search results, announced via a Twitter post. Instead of showing different page results with the ‘Next’ button, users are now able to load additional listings directly below the top results.


According to the Google SearchLiaison Twitter post:

The “More results” button will appear for searchers using the Google app for iOS & Android or major mobile web browsers other than Chrome for iOS — support for that is coming. As for ads, the button will load more organic results first, then ads when relevant underneath those.

This new feature will make mobile search results load faster, eliminating the need for users to wait for the next search page to load. Learn more about mobile optimisation so your business can be readily found on the new mobile SERPs!  best database provider| buy mobile database


Google My Business Includes Service Menus

Expanding its menu feature introduced this year, Google My Business is now able to include service menus to business listings. GMB service menus are straightforward, with a name, description, and price for each item, as well as different product categories for these items.

This new feature is located under the “Info” tab in the GMB dashboard, and is only currently available in English speaking locales.


Multiple Images for Bing Product Ads Coming Soon

Bing Product Ads will soon support up to 11 images – one main image plus 10  additional images. According to Bing:

”Additional images can appear to potential customers in ads for your product and are commonly used to. Show a product from different angles and/or with product staging elements.”

This feature is coming soon, but Bing Ads advertisers Indonesia Phone Number can start straight away. For instructions and more information, read the original announcement from the company here.


Facebook App Permissions to be Re-Confirmed Every 90 Days

In light of the recent account security scandal, Facebook has made changes to App access tokens. These access tokens allow apps access to login information with Facebook. However, access tokens will now expire after 90 days, requiring people re-confirm an app’s access to any personal details.

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