YouTube has Stricter Penalties for Channels That Spread ‘Widespread Harm’


Channels that publish videos that could cause widespread harm may face one or more of these penalties:

  • Premium Monetization Programs, Promotion and Content Development Partnerships — Removing a channel from Google Preferred and also suspending, canceling or removing a creator’s YouTube Original.
  • Monetization and Creator Support Privileges — Suspending a channel’s ability to serve ads and earn revenue, and potentially removing a channel from the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Video Recommendations — Removing a channel’s eligibility to  recommend on YouTube.

YouTube says there has been an increase in harmful videos.

”That damage can have real-world consequences not only to users, but also to other creators, leading to missed creative opportunities, lost revenue and serious harm to your livelihoods.”


Instagram Now Shows Users When a Screenshot of Their Story is Take

A limited test run means users will be notified Russia Phone Number when someone takes a screenshot or screen recording of their story. This can  discovereby checking who viewed the story in the ‘seen’ area. A circle-like icon will appear next to a person’s name if they have taken a screenshot. We’ll just have to wait and see if it will  implement on a wider scale – which will  determine by user response.

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Google is Testing Stories in Search Results

Following in the footsteps of apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Moreover, Google is testing out its own version of stories called AMP stories. This new format will allow publishers to post tap-through pieces that can be linked from anywhere else on the web.

Google provides layout templates, standardized UI controls and components for sharing and adding follow-on content. AMP stories can include images, videos and text.

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