Google has officially confirmed that a broad core algorithm update occurred this month. Google’s public liaison of Search, Danny Sullivan released various statements via Twitter. In addition, to announce the update and clarifies some common algorithm related queries. As is the norm with Google Search related announcements. In addition , no specifics give but Danny did provide some clues about what to expect.


What is a Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Standard Google algorithm updates happen every day and it isn’t uncommon for more than one update to happen in any given day. These types of updates are normally minor fixes and tweaks but a Broad Core Algorithm Update is different. Broad core updates can significantly affect search rankings and occur several times per year.


How will the latest Google Algorithm Update affect you?

From the following statements, websites New-Zealand Phone Number may see a fluctuation in their search rankings. There is an indication from Google that websites that should have been ranking highly (but were not) will see a rise in their organic rankings. This is because some high quality websites were not being recognised by Google’s older algorithm. However, with the latest updates, they will now be rewarded with the rankings that they deserve.

This will unfortunately cause some websites to drop in rankings but this isn’t a reflection of anything that you have done wrong with your website (as noted by Google’s statements below).

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What can I do if I see a drop in rankings?

Google has made it clear that if you do see a drop in your rankings, this is not something to panic about. At the end of the day, the latest update is about making sure every high value website is give the same opportunity to rank. Google says that there is no ‘fix’ if you do see a drop in organic rankings. If you were ranking highly prior to the update, Google says to continue to create valuable content that users will find informative and useful.

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