A user through his accounts on the social. Network twitter shared the image of a creative. And peculiar advertising of an. Oxxo branch for valentine’s day. An internet user shared the image of the campaign. That promotes the store’s chocolates in a 2 x 1. Faced with this great promotion the internet. User did not hesitate to congratulate the creativity. Of the oxxo employee who carried out in his opinion. It is the most brilliant campaign” that he has known. From the mexican brand. According to data from. Statista mexican spending on advertising in 2018 reached. 4.3 billion us dollars and this figure is expected.

To Increase Gradually in the Coming Years Until It Exceeds 4.6 Billion

In 2024. Advertising is everywhere and. It is more than proven that you do not need a large. Budget to surprise customers with a creative. Advertising New Zealand WhatsApp Number List campaign such is the case of a very. Creative strategy developed by one of oxxo’s employees. To promote the store’s products for valentine’s day. According to a specialist advertising is the traditional. Direct tool of “Marketing, and its objectives are to. Promote a product to stimulate its consumption. Transmit a positive message in relation to a brand. And strengthen the presence of a company in the market. Since past times advertising is part of the life of each person. Either directly or indirectly. Since it is normal to find them on the. Streets in shopping malls, inside our homes.

On the Cell Phone on the Internet Nowadays

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With the arrival of social networks it is easier to find. An advertisement or advertisement that causes. Some kind of emotion entertainment and that achieves. Its goal that consumers acquire a product or service. Of a brand. According to data from statista mexican spending. On advertising in 2018 reached 4.3 billion us. Dollars and this figure is expected to increase. Gradually in the coming years until it exceeds 4.6 billion. In 2024. Oxxo employee wins over a consumer with this. Valentine’s day ad a user through his accounts on. The social network twitter shared the image. Of a creative and peculiar advertising of an. Oxxo branch for valentine’s day. Through his user @ havid25 he shared the. Image of the campaign that promotes the. Store’s chocolates in a 2 x 1.

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