With a virtual concert where the avatars of jennifer. López and maluma will take the stage holding physical. Events is a great attraction for companies however. Virtual events have taken a great role for advertising. And entertainment, snap and universal pictures recognize. The potential of the tool to promote, arouse curiosity in audiences. And offer a different experience at the launch of the movie. Marry me and for this reason, they organized a virtual concert. With the avatars of their protagonists, jennifer lópez. And maluma virtual events be that as it may, have positioned themselves. As an alternative by the same token, to mitigate the impact caused. By covid-19 in the entertainment and events industry.

Despite the Fact That Normal Is Returning

Virtual events continue equally important, to be attractive for brands. Since they eliminate physical distances, optimize. The time of attendees Iraq B2B List and reduce investment, indicates. Clouds likewise, according to smile pill, geography is not an impediment. Production costs are reduced, there are better attendance. Rates and defined times something certain is that with its use. Brands can offer users an investment experience without. The need for them to travel the avatars of jennifer lópez. And maluma venture into virtual concerts in recent months. Snapchat has been characterized as one of the. Companies that is adopting technology as a marketing strategy. In order to improve the proximity of. Products to customers and to reach new audiences.

They Planned a Virtual Concert With Oz in Which

Iraq B2B List

Jennifer lópez and maluma can be seen taking the stage. In the form of avatars playing the protagonists of the film kat. Valdez and bastian respectively on thursday february. The concert will be broadcast for all the public who. Are willing to live a virtual experience to be introduced to the. New romantic film which will be in theaters and streaming. (peacock) from february 11 although there will be a. Dedicated page to enter the virtual concert, people who. Connect via snapchat will be able to see their bitmoji. In the crowd and will be able to interact at the concert. By making waves not to mention, releasing virtual doves.

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