You might still be thinking that these EU laws only affect Europe but not Australia. Well it’s a lot more complicated than that. In fact, even if you use something common such as Google Analytics for your website tracking. In addition, you may lose website data that is 26 months old or more if you don’t take immediate action steps.

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GDPR applies to all EU residents – even if the businesses or websites serving them are based outside of Europe.

In practice, this means that companies in Australia and around the globe will have to comply with GDPR if they wish to continue serving European users, otherwise they would have to build separate platforms and systems just for Europe – which is not feasible and would probably not work well with the internet’s intertwined nature.

You might have already come across many instances of businesses taking action steps towards complying with GDPR such as new privacy policies, terms & conditions or consent forms being rolled out from Microsoft, Google, Spotify, Quora, Mashable, Udemy, Discord, GoDaddy, LinkedIn, and more.


As an Australian organisation serving users around the globe it may be best to do the following tasks:

Make Google Analytics GDPR Ready

Google emailed all analytics customers last month Denmark Phone Number telling them that they have to “review these data retention settings and modify as needed” before 25th of May 2018 when GDPR becomes enforced. You may have logged in and seen this pop-up:

This is essentially Google putting the GDPR compliance requirement on its users (website owners) and not on themselves. It also means that Google will automatically delete all data that is older than the default setting (which appears to be 26 months).

If you want to retain your data it’s best to change the setting now so that data does not expire.

Update Your Privacy Policy

This should explain how you collect and use data, and which third party service providers you share that info with. It should also cover processes in which users can obtain and delete any stored data you have on them.  best database provider| buy mobile database

Add a banner to your website

If you use cookies, remarketing ads or tracking codes such as Facebook Pixel you’ll need explicit consent – you might want to add a banner or pop-up that links to your terms and conditions for more info and has the user clicking an accept button. A good example of this would be the new cookie banner that IGN has recently pinned to their website:

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