The influencer was taken to the hospital hours later where. She was treated for gastric reflux eating large amounts. Of food and uploading it to the internet is called as munk. Bang among netizens the influencer consumed. Approximately 32 pieces of sushi which led to her life. In the hospital through the social network tik tok. The story of the influencer and the outcome of her great. Food intake were revealed internet trends are. A great way to start gaining an audience however following. These trends can be extremely dangerous since there. Is no control over the consequences that can be acquired.

Due to the Fact That Sometimes These Trends Can

Put the physical and moral integrity of the participants. At risk such as the case denounced on social networks. By an influencer who by eating both PR Director Email List sushi and an. Attempt at munk bang earned her followers and a. Visit to the hospital content creators make this type. Of videos with the intention of generating followers. And positioning themselves on social networks. Since trends are the initial way in which many creatives start. Their walk through the networks, this is because they are. Mostly simple to replicate, among the most common. To perform are dances, remnants of resistance and jokes.

There Are Others Such as Eating Large Amounts

PR Director Email List

Of food or performing strenuous physical challenges. That can put those who develop them at risk for eating. So much sushi influencer ends up in the hospital. The munk bang is a highly controversial trend in siles. Networks which consists of excessive food intake. Of all kinds, this type of content has thousands of. Followers and hundreds of practitioners being. The influencer nico doomed, its greatest exponent however. This creative is the example that generating this type. Of content on networks can transform the life and. Health of those who practice it, another example of this. Is the influencer @danielleshap, who by performing. A similar action and searching gobble up more. Than 32 pieces of sushi term in the hospital. Within the personal profile of the.

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