The state tretyakov gallery in moscow kept. Within the abstract art exhibition the guard was accused of. Vandalism and an investigation folde.R was opened on his case the painting belongs to a collection. Of avant-garde works, which was painted by. The artist anna leporskaya the identity of the guard is unknown. However, it has been pointed out that the guard. Had more than 60 years working for a private security company. The protection of the cultural heritage of humanity. Was violated by a russian security guard.

This Just a Few Hours After Being Hired by the Gallery the Painting

Is included in a collection of avant-garde works. Which has been pointed out, is insured for more than one. Million euros, the damage caused by its “Boredom”. Treatment, the guard caused damages for more. Than a million dollars on the first day of work. The media List of US WhatsApp numbers outlet the art newspaper russia. Revealed the act of vandalism recorded inside the. State tretyakov gallery in moscow, because the guard’s. “Boredom” was such that he drew a pair. Of eyes using a pen, this registered in less than 24 hours. The world as non-objectivity; the birth of a new art.

The Yeltsin Center Where the Work Was Exhibited

Confirmed the incident, noting that the work was guarded. After the damage caused by the guard, whose name was not revealed. However, it is known that the guard was approximately. 60 years old working for a private security company. The painting known as “Three figures” by the artist. Anna lepors kaya, was painted around the 1930s. 00:13 / 00:15 on his first day of work he is fired. As a result of the incident, it has been announced that, fortunately. The painting did not cause great damage. Since the pen used did not generate pressure inside the. Canvas since the relief of the lines was not altered. However he has pointed out that the damage. Caused caused some of the original paint.

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