Non-fungible tokens are gaining more and more ground. Across all industries and so this time it is a popular. International fashion magazine that is taking the first. Step into virtu ality and teaching editorial players how. To lead in a world that is more than digital releasing. A version in nft combining creativity, technology and commitment. Is what characterizes companies today in consumer. Preference so understanding this, the february. Issue of elle magazine has added value starring. International supermodel barbara palvin next month’s. A digital work of generally speaking, art that includes many additions.

The Nft Edition of Elle Will Be Auctioned for

Altruistic purposes given these points, on february 23 here an example. The nft magazine this would be the first spanish publishing. Brand to launch VP Security Email List an nft magazine alongside its physical. Edition and it also does so with grace and great style. Remembering that the virtual piece is considered uniquely. Immaterial and that they have a digital certificate. Gala mirissa who transformed the images of the. Famous barbara pal vin into a digital audiovisual picture. Mujer elle. Now the auction is being prepared as a current. Work of art that will go down in history in the framework.

Will Be Used for Various Charity Events

VP Security Email List

So those users who want to discover elle’s nft cover. And bid for their virtual rights can do so in gala mirissa’s. Metaverse within the makers place virtual platform. And it is that the creator of this piece of contemporary. One of the few crypto-artists of the moment. Her modern art more than circumstantial reaches such an. Extent that hollywood has already sought her out. To embark on large multidisciplinary projects now. Mujer elle will become a powerful trend-setting work. As it is based on the spectacular photos of the model. Which were taken by rafa gallar and retouched with. Morphing software and the after effects application likewise.

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