With a global marketing campaign fanta. Began the month of february addressing the attitude. Towards life as the main theme specialists assure. That humor as a positive communication mechanism works. Especially in young people although it is capable. Of making anyone smile these changes have arisen due. To the covid-19 pandemic where consumers demand. Positive messages and solidarity from the brands they. Consume the campaign called people full of color. Seeks to honor people who are defined by their attitude. Towards life leaving aside less important issues. Such as age the way in which brands in the world are presenting. Themselves to their consumers has changed over time.

Currently Brands Are More Empathetic With

Their customers, by showing positive messages in their. Marketing strategies as an example we have the campaign. Carried out by the fanta soft drink company. These changes have arisen due to the covid-19 pandemic. Where consumers demand Peru B2B Listings positive messages and solidarity. From the brands they consume, since people are more sensitive and. Disoriented by difficult times but this type of strategy. Used by brands is also for consumers to associate. The company with positive and happy thoughts. Specialists assure that humor as a positive communication mechanism. Works especially in young people, although it is capable of. Making anyone smile fanta’s campaign to inspire a positive. Attitude to its customers with a global marketing campaign.

Fanta Began the Month of February With

Peru B2B Listings

Which it seeks to address the attitude towards life. As the main theme according to the soft drink brand. Owned by the coca-cola company it is a strategy that had. Not been implemented for five years and with which they. Worked with the santo buenos aires agency. The campaign called people full of color seeks to honor people. Who are defined by their attitude towards life leaving. Aside less important issues such as age. We are inspired by the new ways we have discovered. To have fun in the last two years says the brand the strategy. Has an audiovisual that narrates everyday moments. That occur in the work environment and is. Starred by people of different ages and origins.

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