Facebook Releases New Feedback Tool for Business Ads

Facebook is seeking to improve the business-customer relationship on their platform by releasing the new reviewing tool. This tool, which can be found in the Ads Activity tab, lets customers leave feedback on their recent experiences with Facebook advertisers.

The image below shows what the feedback form looks like. It also displays a brief questionnaire that lets you elaborate on your experience.



Facebook Introduces New Requirements for Custom Audience Targeting

Starting July 2, Facebook will make the custom-audience targeting process clear and transparent for its users.

Here’s the full update list on custom audience requirements:

Many businesses use Facebook’s custom audiences tool to ensure they are specifically targeting users who are more likely to have a relationship with their organisation. Learn more about Facebook Advertising.


Google Releases a New Version of Ad Settings

The new version of Google’s Ad Settings has launch, and it’s aim at helping users understand and control how Google ads are sent and create. This includes explaining the factors that determine which ads are show to every user, such as a user’s activity which allows Google to estimate interest.

Additionally, Google is making Why this ad? better, improving Brazil Phone Number overall transparency, communication, and control around the ads that you see on Google. Read an in-depth breakdown from Google here.


Google Launches New Innovations to Improve Discovery

First, they’re expanding affiliate location extensions to video campaigns on YouTube. These will list down any nearby places that sell these products to drive foot traffic to physical stores. Additionally, they’ve launched local catalog ads for Google Display Ads, to help shoppers discover a company’s products and then visit the store.  best database provider| buy mobile database

Finally, Google is also releasing new price benchmarks in Google AdWords reporting to show. How other retailers are pricing the same products. This will provide convenient and crucial pricing insights so marketers and businesses alike can make more-informed decisions on their ads.

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