Facebook Says No to Engagement Baiting

Facebook will be stricter with its demotions to posts and pages that engage in spam-like posts that actively solicit Facebook users to interact with a post in a certain way, such as liking it, posting a specific word, or sharing with friends. This kind of practice is consider a type of spam, design to make a post or page rank higher in Facebook users’ news feeds.


Facebook says that the purpose of the algorithmic demotions is “to promote more meaningful and authentic conversations on Facebook.” The demotions will happen to both pages and posts that engage in this practice. Ordinary Facebook users won’t be targeted, but if you are an admin for a page, check out the Newsfeed Guidelines to avoid making moves that could get you demoted.

To find out more about the types of posts that will be demoted, what engagement bait entails, and how Facebook will demote them, read the full report

Google Issues Duplicate Content Warning

John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, issued a warning through Twitter about duplicate content he’s been noticing. He also clarified what qualifies as duplicate content:

“I noticed there was some confusion around trailing slashes Cayman Islands Phone Number on URLs, so I hope this helps. tl;dr: slash on root/hostname=doesn’t matter; slash elsewhere= does matter (they’re different URLs)”

It doesn’t matter if there is a forward slash at the end of your domain name, as having it and not having it equal the same thing. This means that some websites can accidentally have the home page linked throughout their site as and Google won’t see it as a duplicate content issue.


To learn more about this matter, you can view the original article here.


Google AdWords Ads to Stop Showing Review Extensions in the New Year

As of mid-January 2018, Google AdWords will stop showing review extensions with ads.

AdWords ad extension data can be downloaded by going to the Ads & extensions page and clicking on Extensions. In the future, in order to show additional information with AdWords ads.

Google Tests ‘More Results’ Mobile Search Interface and New Search Refinement Buttons

Google is testing a new mobile search interface and new search refinement button. The new interface shows fewer search results on the mobile SERP. In addition, and there is an option to click on a button labeled ‘more results’. Google is also testing showing buttons to refine search results directly in the search results snippets.

A Google spokesperson said “We constantly experiment with. New search formats and experiences to deliver the best experience for our users. Currently this is just a test and it isn’t certain if. When Google will release this to a wider set of test users or to everyone.

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