Youtube has a new competitor. Since facebook launched its video system. In which users can upload content directly to the network. International youtube has a new competitor. Since facebook launched its video system. In which users can upload content directly. To the social network. According to fortune magazine. Zuckerberg’s social network has risen to 70 percent of its. Own audiovisual content. Related notes: the error that you had not noticed in the. Change of facebook icons two religious. Social networks in the style of facebook that you should. Know what type of user are. You on facebook? In this way.

Facebook Has Become an Important Channel for Video Consumption

Since little by little it has promoted this sector. The growth began after zuckerberg introduced the. Autoplay system reaching 4 billion own videos. In the last year, according to the same source. As if that were not enough, now the largest network. In the Buy Estonia WhatsApp Nbumers world has included a new update aimed at advertisers. With which they will obtain better financial rewards. With this system, facebook offers advertisers 55 percent. Of the income related to the ads embedded in the videos. Little by little, zuckerberg’s network is eating up. Youtube’s market because from now on. Advertisers who buy advertising on a cost per click. (cpc) basis will only have to pay when users click on the link. That leads to the page website of your brand or application.

It Will Not Cost Them More Each Time Users Share

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Like or comment on the ad. It is worth mentioning that unlike youtube. The ads will only appear after watching different videos. Even though this will represent a higher cost. For brands it means a higher return on investment. Since the results will be reflected in new leads and. Traffic that they can later convert. In essence they will be able. To be more specific in the type of ads they buy. As a result of the improvements, some companies. Such as fox sports and the nba, among others. Have decided to venture into the new. System. The vision of zuckerberg’s company has. Led it to lead the market, not only as. A social network, but now it is beginning to give. Competition to other large companies such as google.

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