The use of face masks and antibacterial gel as well. As a healthy distance mexico has approximately more. Than 60 thousand active cases of contagion. Dr alejandro macías hernández was considered one of the 300 mexican. Leaders during 2021 the use of security measures such. As antimatter and the use of face masks are the most. Recommended by specialists the national territory today has. A high general uncertainty the increase in infections. Related to the new omicron variant has continued to increase. Over the past weeks as of today it is estimated. That at least in mexico there are 60,552 confirmed. Cases of infections by the new variant.

Added to This a Certain Degree of Ignorance

To know and resolve certain doubts that could help. Prevention and treatment care of citizens in this. Case an expert points out which Vp Security Email List masks are unnecessary for. Covid an affirmation that is debated online within one. Of the conversations generated on social networks. Dr alejandro macías hernández research professor at the university. Of guanajuato (ug) and attached to the division. Leaders in the 2021 edition the dr he also has a highly active. Twitter account where he regularly answers and makes comments. About various issues related to the health of the population. And especially about the current health crisis.

The User the Specialist Uploaded a Screenshot

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Where a conversation is visible in which a citizen expresses. Hello doctor my doctor boyfriend insists on the unnecessary. Of the masks I use them because they don’t get in the way. But are they really unnecessary and she adds besides that. I feel more protected expert points out which masks. Are unnecessary to which the doctor responds in a simple way. Your boyfriend is right at least this time. This simple response generated an intense debate that has. So far generated at least 684 shares hundreds. Of comments and at least 7,595 reactions since the dawn. Of today when the tweet was generated.

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