Add products, they can only choose from the existing attribute items and attribute values, so as. To Albania Phone Number avoid obstacles. To customers’ purchase cause by incorrect number format and inconsistent. Units, and even Albania Phone Number cause complaints; for example : we want to describe the length, width and height of a table. Some people use meters, while. Others use centimeters. The main process is. To add attribute value – add attribute item .- complete the binding of attribute item and value – add group – complete the binding. Of attribute group, attribute item and leaf directory. 1. Property item management attribute item management. Generally mainly meets the functions of .attribute query, addition, deletion and modification.

Platform Is Not Very Albania Phone Number

items the purpose is to complete the. Relationship between the category tree. Leaf directory and Albania Phone Number attributes. After completion, when operating children’s. Shoes or when merchants publish products, after selecting the background category, the require product attribute Albania Phone Number information. Can be supplemente according to the bound attributes before uploading successfully. Commodity. Attribute inheritance: because the attributes containe in  Albania Phone Number the leaf directory. Of the mall involve are relatively independent. The attributes of other leaf directories are not duplicate. Unlike laptops, desktop computers, and ultrabooks in the computer category, they all have screen size and cpu model.

Required Product Attribute Albania Phone Number


Albania Phone Number List
Albania Phone Number List

he binding of the category and the attribute item is complete in the binding attribute item. As shown below. The main reason is that the attribute item grouping is universal to most products, and it is not necessary. Albania Phone Numbers  For each attribute item to be. Attache to the attribute grouping first, and then the attribute grouping is attache. To the leaf directory, which will increase the workload of operating Albania Phone Numbers children’s shoes. 3. Brand management the significance of brand management is to maintain a brand library shared b. A platform. When adding and editing products, you can only select the available brands from the brand library, which can avoid the appearance. Of multiple names of one brand. In the front desk.

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