Ambitions not so weak that it cannot withstand its diversity. This country existed. It was Greece. The Greece of spirit tolerance history. Today however we live in a Greece of entrenchment. Which tries hysterically to preserve what it is not. Which tries to turn herself into a model imposed on her from outside. To become a closed arena that crushes differences. To claim a place on the chessboard of international intolerance. Which allows the dark side of religion to annihilate the other that of understanding and acceptance. Fears racisms complexes intolerances religious and nationalist arcs puritanisms and hysteria found their place in the Land of Light and Moderation. Old and honest leftists through the ruins of their wounded internationalism become preachers of nationalism with slogans of patriotism thus meeting their persecutors for years. Pure people who for years were protected from politics unwittingly became instruments on the map of political plans and ambitions.

The scepter of justice of the elders lean towards

Then Greece of Greatness the country conquered by Rome not to accept Janos but to offer. The Twelve Gods the one that crosses borders since it knows how to assimilate differences can be born again. And let this country that we love once again become the one that allows Logo Designs Service and does not prohibit the one that saves. The weak and opens its doors to foreigners as in the past the Greece of Light. We are Orthodox. White Blonde Brunette Albanian Polish Bulgarian Turkish Italian German Skopje. We are Greeks My cousin Virginia had a very loud voice from a young age. Which she activated every time she felt wronged. That is every day. You’re losing your way her mother used to tell her. After all something I had noticed early on and I counted on it to make me during our childish quarrels. I have lately come to the conclusion that my cousin’s temperament is identical with the characteristics of the average Greek mentality.

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Actions and with an absence of rational judgment

National hysterical reactions show in relation to our endangered language while ignoring our own crimes. Against it and the identical fate of other small countries but with a less glorious past How else can we explain. The most selfdestructive willfully blind and stubborn foreign Bold Data policy and in what way will we accept our cultural isolation through. The picturesque and naive overemphasis of our supposedly pure nationalreligious past. All this testifies to a possibly likable but certainly fruitless childish sentimentality which because it starts from a usually honest. Repressed feeling about justice explodes wildly in every direction and with little chance of redress even of the existing injustice. This seems to be in general the psychograph of the average citizen of our country and this is very cunningly. Very intelligently cultivated by most of the politicians and most of the journalists. But there was one step my cousin never took and I thank her for that.

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