The constant overwhelming barrage of advertising, content and offers that we receive every day has caused us a paradoxical effect. We are increasingly immune to the messages they send us. It is not strange to note the large number of executives who do not read, multitasking children, little personal communication, poor reading comprehension, limitations to follow instructions, misunderstandings. In short, in this world full of systems and means to communicate, we are not listening to each other. Attention has effectively become “THE” global bargaining chip. If I can get your attention I will have already achieved something no less. For this reason, we have given special importance to empathy. It seems that the optimal way to communicate with others today is to be able to generate messages that are of real interest to our interlocutor.

That is a huge marketing challenge. How to make them notice my product, my service, my company, me. And not only that they are fixed, but that a preference action is generated. The answer: empathetic content. Today’s consumer searches, finds out, listens to their references. Be wary of advertising. You want to be sure of your decision. And for this, the content that makes sense to you is the one that will capture your attention. For this reason, Inbound Marketing has masterfully positioned itself as the  Panama WhatsApp Number List  most effective way to generate opportunities in current times. According to Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot and who did his thesis at MIT on this topic, Inbound Marketing is the strategy of generating relevant content, of high value for those who read it, with the purpose of generating interest from future customers.

In other words, people today, more than ever, consume the information that interests them with a functional purpose and if we are able to enchant them with valuable content (empathetic in the end), we will be able to generate real interest from our future clients. If we understand that for our offer we have a typical, ideal client, who has well-defined interests, concerns and characteristic sensibilities, our messages must go in that direction, seducing them, talking to them about what really interests them, providing a value that they will appreciate. Inbound marketing considers this type of messages that, intelligently placed on the Internet and social networks (that is, super “searchable”), will be viralized and will reach audiences that we did not even have on our radar but who are perfectly potential customers. Content is king. Empathetic content combined with an Inbound Marketing strategy is the perfect combination.

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