Who has an app or strong mobile presence has a treasure? This is how it might seem, if one takes into account all the movements that are being made in recent months to include ads on different mobile media. Instagram already supports ads internationally, to give just one example of one of the latest companies that has joined the mobile advertising bandwagon. A study by PricewaterhouseCoopers pointed out that in 2016 mobile advertising will surpass traditional display advertising (this is what we see in the browser), becoming a business of 15,000 million dollars only in the United States. It is understood that everyone wants to get a slice.

The latest to join has been eBay, which will incorporate ads into its mobile application. The company thus takes a step back, since it had experimentally tried in 2012 to include ads in its app without being very successful and had withdrawn them so as not to disturb the consumer with no clear return. “Two years ago we did not think that mobile  Uganda WhatsApp number list  were very good, for the seller and for the user,” Stephen Howard-Sarin, the head of the North American display department, explains to AdAge. “And as a marketing guy, I didn’t think CPMs were very good.” As recent studies show – and as supported by the growth in the mass of mobile internet users and the growing interest of advertisers in these media – the playing field has changed.

The return to mobile advertising will not be done, however, using the same formats that the company used in the past and that it tested in 2012. eBay is not going to use banners, or at least the standard ads that are being used on the mobile internet. at this time. The company has preferred to bet on what they have called native ads, which will be shown when consumers view the product feed or access the app on the initial screen. Little else is known because eBay has not given many more details about the format and its characteristics, beyond that they will be adjusted to the size of the screen and will be seen as “flexible format graphics”.

However, there is not much to wait to see them, because the eBay app will begin to incorporate them during the fourth quarter of the year. That is, the ads will premiere between October and December. Even so, the company has already started selling the format to large advertisers and has begun to highlight the potential of advertising through the eBay app so the company knows its users. As Howard-Sarin explains, they know who they are selling to and what they like (and they will be able to offer information very tailored to their buying tastes). They have in their favor that their users spend three times more time on their store than on their immediate competition, as they have highlighted in the special microsite that they have dedicated to their new offer for advertisers, and that the format will be with a multi -device strategy.

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