Mexico is one of the most surreal countries in the. World is that everything happens and at the same time. Nothing happens the painter salvador dalí was right. When he said in no way will I return to mexico I can’t stand. Being in a country more surreal than my paintings. And it is only in a country like the one in which we live. That things happen that are as unbelievable as they are everyday. Such is the case of a fare poster displayed by a public transport. Driver of which it is worth mentioning that the route is unknown.

Since Within This There Is a Moment of Solidarity

And at the same time a generalized feeling by which. The bus driver goes viral on networks according to data. From the passenger transport VP Facilities Manager Email List network of mexico city it has. At least 1,360 passenger transport units within the. Different routes which are estimated to serve just over. 450,000 passengers daily this type of transport it is usually. Used by walkers students children families and the elderly. As well as people with some type of motor. Deficiency or related to some type of condition such as visual. Weakness for this reason the supposed fare sign of a bus. Gives free service. The queen of welding bus driver. Goes viral social networks play an important role in.

Active Within the Different Digital Platforms

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Hence the intention of the internet users to support daily. Actions that promote the good spirits of citizens this action. Of sharing the story of the driver through networks which becomes. A road for his good deed that in turn generates. Conversation due to the supposed suspicion towards drunks. And the police within the conversation in addition to. Celebrating the initiative internet users jokingly point to the last. Comment in which drunks and police pay double. Can be read several reactions were generated among whom. Mentions the importance and respect towards. The authority and among those who indicate their support for. The initiative since it generates a certain discontent and distrust. Towards the police force as mentioned by the tweeter.

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