Don’t turn pale just yet.Finland WhatsApp Number List We know, medical logo design can be scary to approach. But with a little check up we’ll have you feeling confident in your stylistic direction. Whether you’re starting private practice or just need some creative circulation, we’ve put together the perfect dose of medical and doctor logo designs for you. To make it painless, we’ve broken it down into four categories: modern, tech, cute, and wellness. Take a deep breath and be well. Modern doctor logos — East Side Pediatrics by Quentin EfficientHealth by ludibes WholeMedix by artsigma Tueo Health by shaka88 Medical App logo by gaga vastard Keldoc by Raja Sandhu One aspect of modern medical logos which make them feel current is their use of “soft” corners and curves.

The Whole Medix logo,

The Whole Medix logo, for example uses a thick line.Finland WhatsApp Number List which gently curves at each corner to illustrate a flying bird. This technique is echoed by the three logos featuring a medical cross as well—each rounding the edges in their own way. In a different use of curvature, the logo for Tueo Health incorporates a geometric half-dome. This technique creates a slightly more sophisticated feel, yet retains a harmless and protective aura. Techie medical logos — ZDoggMD by RGB Designs Evolution Health by artsigma MetroMed by Yossi Belkin The Activity Exchange by Sean Heisler Meditrack by Arthur Avakyan and Tubik Studio Migelino by SFUMATO™ Unlike our previous examples, tech doctor logos aren’t afraid to show some sharp corners.

These corners come as

Finland WhatsApp Number List
Finland WhatsApp Number List

These corners come as no surprise.Finland WhatsApp Number List given that the medical industry is very concerned with precision. The Zdogg MD, Migelino and Activity Exchange logos are three great examples with hard tech edges. With that said, not all tech logos are “sharp”. Take for example the Meditrack logo which showcases technology in a different way—through it’s pixel-perfect gradient and transparent effects. Similarly, the Evolution Health logo uses a complex overlay of shapes and colors that couldn’t be accomplished without technology. Cute doctor’s office logos  Dr. LuLu by Mad pepper Pear Up by Angel D Stork Home by logokoe Doctor on Call by artvengers.

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